Eclair Aviation was established in 2012. The main aim was to operate a single Piaggio P. 180 Avanti II for the owner. Shortly, the company successfully achieved AOC and started commercial operation. During 2013 a second aircraft was added to the fleet – Gulfstream G-200. Subsequently, a worldwide operation started. It has been supported by a company in-house operation department. In 2014, Eclair Aviation started an operational support for Praga Aviation with its King Air C-90 and Let L-410 aircraft fleet. Piaggio Avanti was sold. 2015 was a year of major expansion. A second G-200 was added to the fleet for a private client, Cessna 525 CJ2 was another addition. The company has welcomed a number of new employees, a certified technician included. At the end of the year, the new offices were rented together with a new planning and operations center. Eclair Aviation team was formed in order to be prepared for the future challenge. In all aspects of business aviation world.

Aircraft also flown by ECLAIR Aviation during the past three years: 


Piaggio Avanti P180

Combination of style and performance

The Piaggio P180 Avanti is an Italian twin-engine turboprop aircraft produced by Piaggio Aero. The innovative design in a unique aerodynamic solution places the main wing behind and above the horizontal stabilizer, and has engines in a rear-facing configuration. It gives the aircraft possibility to slice through the air to achieve exceptionally high performance, which is comparable to the most popular light-jets in the industry. With shorter take-off / landing distances, fuel efficiency and 40% lower costs than jet aircraft of equivalent size, it makes it a very cost effective choice. It seats up to seven passengers in a pressurized, spacious and quiet cabin, with oversized baggage compartment that can accommodate even extra-large pieces of baggage.

P180 Avanti Highlights:

  • Turboprop with jet parameters
  • Remarkably low operating costs
  • Large cabin – maximum comfort at any altitude
  • Low cabin noise
  • Large baggage space
  • Fleet member 07/2013 - 07/2014

P180 Avanti Specification:

Number of PAX: 7+1

Max range:

2 722 km

Cruise speed: 745 km/h
Cabin height: 1.75 m (5.8 ft)
Cabin width: 1.85 m (6.1 ft)
Cabin length: 4.55 m (14.11 ft)
Cabin noise level: 68 dbA
Baggage capacity: 1.25 m3 (44.15 ft3)
Engines: Pratt & Whitney Canada, PT6A-66B
Aircraft manufacturer: www.piaggioaero.com








Beechcraft King Air C90A
Comfortable transport to inaccesible places

The King Air C90A is originally an american, twin-engine turborpop aircraft manufactured by Beechcraft. Beechcraft is a manufacturer with a rich history and yearly proven traditon of safety and comfort. And that is exactly what our King Air C90A offers – latest safety and comfort qualities even in places which are, for most of today’s jets, completely inaccesible. King Air C90A can land and take-off from runway shorter than 1000 m, even lenghts as low as 800 m are not unusual. However, in spite of all these qualites, our King Air C90A operates for suprisingly low costs what makes it very cost effective choice and interesting alternative to jet powered aircraft

King Air C90A Highlights:

  • Short field take-off & landing
  • Unpaved runway take-off & landing
  • By years proven type of aircraft ensuring comfort and safety
  • Exceptional operational costs
  • Operated by Praga Aviation

King Air C90A Specification:

Number of PAX: 6

Max range:

2 446 km (1 321 nmi)

Max speed:

500 km/h

Cruise speed: 416 km/h
Cabin height: 1.43 m (4.7 ft)
Cabin width: 1.37 m (4.5 ft)
Cabin length: 10.82 m (35.5 ft)
Baggage capacity: 1.51 m3 (53.5 ft3)
Engines: Pratt & Whitney Canada, PT6A-66B
Aircraft manufacturer: www.beechcraft.com







Let L-410 Turbolet
Commuter in remote areas & Cargo Workhorse

Originally designed in late sixtees, L-410 underwent several modernisation between 1970 – 2000. This universal aerial SUV serves worldwide as an airline commuter or a cargo hauler. It is also popular among skydivers. Turbolet is a frequent visitor on busy hubs as well as a reliable tool for serving remote areas with unpaved airstrips. Fly with 19 passengers or 9 VIPs in comfotable club seating. Or, after a quick and simple change, deliver a big volume of cargo almost anywhere… Eclair Aviation, together with Praga Aviation, were a proud operator of this aircraft between 2013-2015, including the schedulled passenger service in Georgia.

L410 Highlights:

  • Short field take-off & landing
  • Unpaved runway take-off & landing
  • Remarkably low operating costs
  • Large baggage space
  • Fleet member 05/2014 - 08/2015

L410 Specification:

Number of PAX: 9

Max range:

1.000 km

Cruise speed: 300 km/h
Cabin height: 1.66 m (5.45 ft)
Cabin width: 1.96m (6.40 ft)
Engines: Walter M601D
Aircraft manufacturer: www.let.cz