Bombardier Learjet 60XR OK-JDM

Popular Midsize jet

Bombardier Learjet 60XR is an excellent representative of a midsize range business jet manufactured by Bombardier. Enjoy your flight on this popular Bommbardier model. It offers maximum comfort for work in the exceptionally spacious cabin. Cabin height of 1.74 m makes it unique in its category, and typically includes pull-out tables and adjustable seating. Aircraft is equipped with a full rear lavatory and an galley. Superior VIP service provided by Flight Attendant is a common standard. Thanks to its performance, the LJ60 is one of the fastest midsize business jets. It is ideal for both domestic and international trips for up to nine passengers, offering the largest cabin in its class.

Learjet 60XR Highlights:

  • Nonstop transcontinental travel
  • Exceptional stand-up headroom
  • Largest cabin capacity in its class
  • Large baggage space

Learjet 60XR Specification:

Number of pilots: 2
Flight attendant: 1
Number of PAX: 7

Max range:

4.461 km (2409 nmi)

Max speed:

839 km/h (MCT)

Cruise speed: 778 km/h
Cabin height: 1.74 m
Cabin width: 1.81m
Cabin length: 5.39m
Baggage capacity: 1.34 m3
Engines: Pratt & Whitney Canada PW305A
Aircraft manufacturer:

If you travel from Prague to Istanbul, from Oslo to Malta or from St. Petersburg to Olbia, you would hardly find more suitable jet.