Cessna 525A OK-FCY

The most realiable light jet

Cessna Citation CJ2, manufactured by Cessna Aviation Company, maintains tradition of the private jet Citation line. Thanks enhanced operating costs and performance, CJ2 becomes one of the most realible business light jet and three simple words can define it. Economy, simplicity and performace. The perfect European city hopper can climb from sea level to FL 370 (37000 feet) only within 17 minutes. High performance Williams- Rolls-Royce engines allows effectively reach FL 450 as cruising altutide. Very comfort cabin for 1-7 passengers, typically equipped by fold-out tables, adjustable seating and aft flushing lavatory. Superior VIP service provided by Flight crew is a common standard. It is ideal for both domestic and also international flights for up to 7 passengers.

CJ2 Highlights:

  • high performance
  • fuel efficiency
  • short runway for landing
  • large baggage compartment in its class

CJ2 Specification:

Number of pilots: 2
Flight attendant: On request
Number of PAX: 6-7

Max range:

2.600 km (1450 NM)

Max speed:

759 km/h (0.72 M)

Cabin height: 1.46 m (4.8 ft)
Cabin width: 1.49m (4.9 ft)
Cabin length: 5.76m (18.9 ft)
Baggage capacity: 1.42 m3 (50 ft3)
Engines: Williams / Rolls-Royce FJ44-2C
Aircraft manufacturer: Cessna Aviation Company

A short hop to Rome? Or a trip to Yekaterinburg? Enjoy it onboard Cessna Citation CJ2.