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Expansion of fleet with Gulfstream G280

Eclair Aviation is thrilled to announce the expansion of its fleet with a brand new super mid-size Gulfstream G280 business jet.

Why to fly with us?


Our commitment to safety is the most important aspect of our operations. Hand-picked aviation professionals and state-of-the-art aircraft are a guarantee that all your flights will be safe and smooth.

Premium customer service 

 Step into the world of luxury travel and feel the difference in the sky. Tailored packages, including world-class catering services prepared according to your wishes, will no doubt persuade you that “the journey itself can be the destination”, too.


Enjoy traveling in our luxurious and comfortable business jets. Our team will help you choose the right type of the aircraft for your trip. You can charter a high-end Bombardier Global 6000 with a range of up to 6 000 miles or comfortable popular mid-size jets Gulfstream G200.

Our services

  1. 01 Aircraft Charter

    Aircraft Charter

    Whether you are planning a business trip or vacation, Eclair Aviation will customize the charter flight to your unique needs. Our team of professionals will take care of every little detail and make your trip as smooth as it could only be.
    Consulting services
  2. 02 Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    Entrust yourself to our specialists with many years of experience in the aviation industry. You are guaranteed to get consulting services and assistance with any type of request regarding business and cargo aviation.
    Consulting services
  3. 03 Aircraft Management

    Aircraft Management

    Our mission is to take care of all activities related to aircraft management and to consistently provide services of the highest standards.
    Consulting services
  4. 04 Flight Planning

    Flight Planning

    Do you need a help with flight planning? No problem, just let us know. Fully qualified and licensed dispatchers with worldwide flight-planning experience are ready to assist you with all your needs and requirements.
    Consulting services
  5. 05 Aircraft Sales

    Aircraft Sales

    Our experienced team of aviation professionals is here to assist you with the sale or purchase of any type of aircraft.
    Consulting services
  6. 06 Cargo Transportation

    Cargo Transportation

    Our fleet is uniquely positioned to offer a tailor-made experience for any cargo requirements ranging from small freight packages to medium sized loads.
    Consulting services

Where you can fly with our fleet?

Popular Ultra Long Range jetGlobal 6000 OK-GRX
11.112 km (6000 NM)

Manufactured by Bombardier, the Bombardier Global G6000 is a top-class ultra long range business jet. Enjoy your flights on this popular Bombardier model whose generously-sized cabin is designed to provide maximum comfort for your work.

6667 km (3603 NM)

Gulfstream G280 is a brand new super mid-size business jet manufactured by Gulfstream. 

Popular super midsize jetGulfstream G200 OK-GLX
6.300 km (3400 NM)

Manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, the Gulfstream G200 is a top-class super-midsize business jet. Enjoy your flights on this popular Gulfstream model whose generously-sized cabin is designed to provide maximum comfort for your work.

Embraer Phenom 100 OK-FREEmbraer Phenom 100 OK-FRE
2.181 Km (1178 NM)

Manufactured by Embraer, the Phenom 100 is an entry-level jet. Enjoy your flights on this luxury jet whose ample cabin and baggage compartment is designed to provide maximum comfort for your travelling.

Cessna XLS+
Favourite mid-size jetCITATION XLS+ OK-ECR
3.441 km (1860 NM)

Manufactured by Cessna, the Citation XLS+ is a favourite mid-size jet that enables to take-off and land even on smaller airports and short runways. The Citation is exceptional in combining the spaciousness of the cabin with the simplicity, the versatility, and the operating economy of the light jet. Enjoy your flight on board of this aircraft that features a spacious stand-up cabin and comfortable reclining leather seats.

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