Aircraft Sales


Aircraft Sales

Our experienced team of aviation professionals is here to assist you with the sale or purchase of any type of aircraft. Whether you plan to buy an aircraft with us, we will closely collaborate with your team to identify your needs and then choose the right type of the aircraft, i. e. adapt the business case to your mission. If you are planning to sell an aircraft, we will help you to find a financially sound customer or company.

In any case, we will make sure you always get a service of the highest quality, including expert assessment, arrangement of all the necessary paperwork and provision of legal as well as financial advice. We guarantee to stay with you at all stages of the process until successful completion.

You may own a King Air…
...maybe you want to sell your Gulfstream

 You always get a First Class service.

Eclair Aviation

Aircraft Sales partner

  • Professional assistance with the sale and purchase of aircraft
  • Services of the highest quality
  • Adaptation to individual needs
  • Assistance during the whole process