Eclair Aviation has obtained approval for the cargo transportation

On the 3rd of August 2020 Eclair Aviation has obtained approval from the Czech Civil Aviation Authority for the transportation of cargo under commercial air transport.


As the current COVID-19 situation is stabilising, Eclair Aviation is expanding its operation with the internal borders of the EU now being open to non-essential travel since June 15. Our team continues to take all the necessary steps to ensure a safe and responsible operating environment whilst at the same time maintaining standards of the highest quality as well as the top-notch services.

Standard flight mode with COVID-19 testing since today

In response to the decision of the Government of the Czech Republic dated 23.04.2020 regarding the annulment of free movement prohibition and related to newly issued permission to travel outside the Czech Republic, we are pleased to announce that starting today Eclair Aviation offers all its flights in standard mode with COVID-19 testing (this testing is currently only applicable to flights to and from the Czech Republic).

Eclair Aviation operations during global pandemic

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, Eclair Aviation team is taking all the necessary steps to ensure a safe and responsible operating environment. 

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PF 2020

Eclair Aviation team wishing you a prosperous New Year and many happy landings.

New website

Welcome to our new website. We hope you will enjoy it. Old website has been in use for over seven years and now it is time for a change.