Flight Planning

Flight Planning - ECLAIR aviation

Your final destination is our first priority

Fully qualified and licensed dispatchers with worldwide flight planning experiences are ready to assist you with all your needs.

We use the most reliable flight planning software to arrange all your needs. Eclair Aviation dispatch provide flight planning support for aircraft types ranging from turboprop level aircraft up through the Citation, Learjet, Hawker 800, Falcon 20 level range aircraft to the mid-sized and heavy business jets.

Flight planning aircraft profiles for you aircraft are created according to your requirements.

Cruise profiles are optimized according to your actual fuel consumption in order to achieve the most reliable results during flight planning phase.

ATC routings are calculated according to the best wind weather forecast, technical fuel stops will be considered according to the various factors as are safety, comfort, services and fuel prices etc.

Our dispath also prepare EROPS ETP, Oxygen calculations and ETOPS ETP calculations for your crew.

We aim to ensure that you enjoy a safe and happy flight.

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  • Fully Computerized Flight Plans
  • ATC Flight Plan Filling and Coordination with world wide coverage
  • Textual and Graphical Aviation Weather NOTAMs
  • Aircraft Delivery assistance and ferry flight arrangements
  • Flight supervision 24/7
  • En-route over-flight and landing permissions
  • En-Route Charge Reports
  • Airport Slots and Coordination
  • Transportation Arrangements
  • Crew Assistance Service (Visa Airline Tickets)
  • Catering Hotel reservations
  • VIP halls / VIP lounges
  • And many more…