As the current COVID-19 situation is stabilising, Eclair Aviation is expanding its operation with the internal borders of the EU now being open to non-essential travel since June 15. Our team continues to take all the necessary steps to ensure a safe and responsible operating environment whilst at the same time maintaining standards of the highest quality as well as the top-notch services.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Eclair Aviation has helped dozens of clients from different parts of the World to return to their homes and their loved ones thanks to unique and oftentimes complex repatriation flights. Luckily though, as the pandemic is on the decline, Eclair Aviation is now more than ever ready to provide all of our unrivalled tailor-made services.

As the safety of our passengers and crew is our number one priority, we have taken strict measures aimed at ensuring the lowest exposure to any kind of risk whatsoever during our flight operations:

  • Our entire fleet is professionally disinfected following every single flight according to Czech CAA and EASA guidelines using BACOBAN for Aerospace
  • All our aircraft are equipped with face masks for passengers, gloves, hydroalcoholic gels, UPK (Universal precaution kit) and thermometers
  • Our crew are subject to regular health checks prior to the commencement of any duty period
  • To mitigate the risk of the contagion the pilot is authorized to refuse boarding passengers, who have symptoms of the illness
  • The flight crew is authorized to conduct a temperature check of the passengers prior to boarding
  • All passengers are required to wear a face mask, respirator or other nose and mouth protection before boarding and use it until they leave the aircraft
  • Currently, flight attendant providing full service is present on board of all Gulfstream and Global fleets (it is possible to provide reduced service with no flight attendant should the client request it).

Eclair Aviation is perfectly aware, that due to many existing uncertainties your plans may change unexpectedly and in view of that fact we now offer a flexible cancellation policy on all trips as mentioned below. Furthermore, we guarantee to operate any flight with only 3 hours’ notice with the departure from our base at Václav Havel Airport Prague (LKPR).

Eclair Aviation flight cancellation policy during COVID-19 pandemic

Eclair Aviation recognizes the difficulty and ever-changing dynamics of the current situation. As such we have adopted a flexible cancellation policy on all of our flights. Should a flight be canceled due to flight restrictions imposed by governmental authorities or our own internal company decision, we will not apply any cancellation fees. *

* Eclair Aviation will provide a refund of the flight costs with the exception of expenses associated with positioning (ferry flights), catering, non- refundable handling fees, crew travel costs etc. Eclair Aviation will also be under no obligation to provide compensation or to source any substitute aircraft for the client.

Kind regards and stay safe,

Eclair Aviation Team