Expansion of fleet with Cessna Citation XLS Gen2


Eclair Aviation is pleased to announce the expansion of its fleet with another Cessna, namely the Citation XLS Gen2. It is a brand new model of the Citation 560XL mid-size jet which Textron Aviation announced in 2021. Eclair Aviation is honoured to be the second company in Europe to take delivery of this brand new aircraft, straight from the factory in Wichita.

Citation XLS Gen2 offers outstanding performance and range up to 3 889 km, and at the same time lower operating and maintenance costs than other jets in this category. On top of that the aircraft is able to take-off and land even on smaller airports and short runways.

In the spacious and luxury stand-up cabin can be accommodated up to 9 passengers on 6 regular seats, 1 double bench seat and 1 belted toilet. There is also huge baggage compartment that can be extended by folding down the forward double bench seat.

Compared to the previous model, Citation XLS Gen2 excels in using latest technology such as wireless charging ports for mobile devices, USB ports at each cabin seat, Bongiovi Immersive speaker-less sound system, and last but not least wireless cabin management system with a touchscreen showing the flight map and enabling to control the temperature and lighting in the cabin.

The manufacturer has also focused on the new design of interior, and it added modern features such as illuminated cup holders in different sizes. The high level of comfort during the flight is enhanced by reclining leather pedestal seats and hot or cold catering tailored to your needs.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board of the aircraft.

More details can be found on fleet page.

Eclair Aviation Team