Eclair Aviation is pleased to announce the latest addition to our fleet, the Phenom 100 jet based in Prague, and ready to serve your flights within Europe.

The Phenom 100, entry-level jet is the extraordinary result of cleansheet design, fine craftsmanship and reflects the experience from building the Embraer 170 / 190 family of commercial jets. The intelligent luxury of the Phenom 100’s cabin and the cockpit is the result of Embraer’s brilliant collaboration with BMW Group Designworks USA, a cooperative effort that also produced ergonomically designed seats, unparalleled in their sleek comfort. The aircraft boasts a range of close to 1,100 NM with a typical cruise speed of 750 km / h. The Phenom 100 stands high and proudly on apron. You can board the aircraft thanks to airstair with a solid banister.

The Phenom 100 excels in comfort and cabin size, which is the largest in its class. Its dimensions make it comfortable for four passengers in its normal configuration, but it can carry up to six passengers. The executive four-seat centre club layout consists of left and right side foldout worktables and universal power-points at each seat. In addition to that there is forward, side-facing seat and rear belted potty toilet seat, certified for full-time occupancy.

The jet’s spaciousness includes besides the ample cabin space, the largest baggage compartment in its class with the capability of 55 cu.ft. (1.55 m3.). You will enjoy the luxury of packing what you really need for your trip, the Phenom 100 can accomodate four roll-on bags, garment bags and four carry-on bags, plus four sets of golf clubs or four pairs of 185 cm long skis.

Your in-flight experience will also be enhanced by onboard entertainment systems as well as intelligent climate control, which allows two different temperature zones while ensuring that the air at every level is uniformly cool or cozy.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board of the aircraft.
Eclair Aviation Team